Decentralized Autonomous Organization

A better kind of business. opportunity. career. future.


Owners of the DAO can make proposals for the DAO Funds, albeit paying dividends to DAO holders, or building a new product on the DeCloud.

You make the decisions.


Everyone in the DAO is entitled to make decisions as a collective.

You own it.


DeCloud injects 30% of the profits each Quarter into the DAO Funds.

You're rich.


All proposals are managed through the DAO. Decisions require over 50% consensus for approval. DAO holders are given votes based on their holding.

You spend it.


DeCloud operators receive compensation through contracts that include a mix of USD and buyback on DAO tokens.

We buy it.


All members of the DAO are eligible to attend monthly meetings of the DAO which highlights progress made on everything DeCloud.

Everyone knows what's going on.

DAO Token Distribution

40% of 100,000,000 DAO tokens are minted at genesis for pre-seed, capital raise, and the team. The remaining 60% are auto-minted for performing jobs on the DeCloud and potential future raises.

Pre-seed tokens are sold in the earliest days of DeCloud and used for development, marketing, and other costs associated with the launch of DeCloud.

The team is distributed 10% of the total allocation for their 3 years of dedication and efforts to make DeCloud what it is today.

25% of the tokens are slated to be sold through funding rounds and an IDO.

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