The beating heart of the DeCloud Network. The DeCloud Protocol is the series of technologies built within our blockchain to sustain the decentralized cloud.

DeCloud Protocol Requirements

Sharing, Hosting, and Monetizing Decentralized Assets

DeCloud Primary Node

A Primary Node enables users to offer services. It is self-earning by automatically mining on the native blockchain. This passively earns rewards for its operator.

Specifications (minimum)

vCPU: 1
Storage: 20GB
Bandwidth: 1TB
Collateral: 10,000 DeCloud Coins

DeCloud Secondary Node

The DeCloud Secondary Node is attached to primary Nodes to sell resources to the DeCloud Network in exchange for DeCloud Coins, Bitcoin, USD, and others. 

Specifications (varies based on need)

CPU: XEON or similar
Storage: 500GB to 4000GB
Bandwidth: 20TB (minimum per system)
Pre-requisite: 1 Primary Node (in the same region)

DeCloud Genesis Coins

250M DeCloud Coins were minted at genesis to be utilized for the activities of the DeCloud Network.

100M (40%) Coins are set aside for operations of the DeCloud Network and its business.

50M (20%) is reserved for Seed funding rounds.

50M (20%) is used for market liquidity.

50M (20%) is set for an Initial Exchange Offering.

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